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REvp horn250aAbout the Central Coordinating Committee

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Please join with us in building the organization of  individual supporters and endorsing organizations.  We welcome everyone’s efforts in this campaign.

Rev. Pinkney asks that all supporters work together in a supportive non-partisan manner, coordinating your efforts, and working together for his release.  

Please use the contact form to submit your individual and organization’s information on how you can help in the campaign for Rev. Pinkney’s freedom.  

Please direct us to all known publicity on Rev. Pinkney case with a “ulr” address or a links written in the comments section of the contact form.

The CCC membership is in direct communications with Rev. Edward Pinkney and/or via Rev. Edward Pinkney’s wife, who is a CCC member.  The CCC functions in the capacity of serving as both the coordinating body and the overall clearinghouse of information pertaining to Rev. Edward Pinkney.  The CCC is the only organization authorized in this capacity by Rev. Pinkney.

Members of the CCC are appointed by Rev. Pinkney based on his long term relationship and serve at his pleasure.